How to Reduce Work Evasion Attitude of Your Employees

How to Reduce Work Evasion Attitude of Your Employees

In most organizations, employees bring losses by way of absenteeism, delay, and evasion of work.  It is quite difficult to trace these and quantify the resulting losses.  Such negative attitudes can result in lowering of productivity and quality.  These can result in a delay of goods delivered to customers and can hamper the image of your business.  Take the following steps to remove the work evasion attitudes of your employees:

Defining responsibilities:  Define the responsibilities and duties of each employee clearly.

Good Policies:  Frame the policies of work and put them in writing.  Educate the employees on the policies.  Make the policies effective in showing how slowness and lethargic attitude will delay promotions. They should be aware of the direct and indirect penalties on their career which will reduce work evasion attitude.

Define timeframe:  Define timeframes for work completion.  Employees must not start a work with an impression that they can complete it whenever they like.  They should be clearly informed within how many days/hours they should complete the work.

Reduce occurrences:  Reduce idle time and evasion tactics by surprise and effective inspection.  Take the help of technology.  There are tools to automate login, log out times.  You can check how long they actively work.

Make workplace interesting: Show care in improving their knowledge and personal life.  Give them opportunities to know the latest things like bitcoin trader.  The workplace should be a source of innovation and personality development.  It should not be boring where there is no scope for creativity or growth.

Limit scope for free time:   If you notice more constant crowds in the cafeteria and clubhouse during the working hours, reduce the timings of these facilities.

Ban personal sale activities:  Discourage sale and promotion of personal business products at the workplace.

Set limit for personal browsing:  Set time limit for browsing and checking personal mailboxes.  You can block the access to entertainment sites.  That way the diversions are prevented.  This will help in reducing work evasion.

Hire through proper referrals:  Know your employees properly.  Hire genuine people through proper referral channels.

Survey:  Conduct e-surveys assuring anonymity and get the pulse of your employees.  There may be genuine difficulties like too much pressure, unethical practices etc which might prevent them from taking up their responsibilities.  Know what they think about their employer.  Identify the causes which develop work evasion attitude and take steps to rectify those in your business.